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WA Prospector / Avonlink DMU – Australia

The Prospector and Avonlink DMU trains are highspeed regional trains operating out of Perth, Western Australia. Capable of speeds up to 200km/hr the Prospector train operates between Perth and Kalgoorlie, a distance of 653km.

In 2000, Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle was awarded a contract by train-builder UGL Rail, our first new build rail HVAC project. The scope of work included the design of the interior air-distribution system involving the building of a full-size mock-up of the saloon area to trial different ducting configurations.

To reduce weight, the HVAC units were manufactured from aluminium, with lightweight skins over a fully welded spaceframe. The unit design featured curved lids on both evaporator and condenser sections to blend with eth train roof profile.

The first of these trains entered service in 2004 and the trains are currently on routes to Kalgoorlie, Northam and Merredin. In 2019, Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle completed a mid-life overhaul and upgrade programme on these HVAC units in Western Australia.

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