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Noske Rail has particular expertise in overhauling and/or upgrading existing equipment, with overhaul workshops in Australia (Perth WA, Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW, Brisbane QLD) as well as our main manufacturing base in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

We also commonly undertake this work within our customers’ premises embedding technicians, integrating with the customers’ team on-site, enabling the customer full visibility of the programme. Our recondition business is brand agnostic, with over 50% of our past and current contracts working on competitor brand units.

Our recondition business offer a wide scope of options including:

  • Standard overhaul
  • Mid-life and major overhauls

  • Obsolescence management, including PLC replacement and refrigerant conversion

  • Remanufacturing to “as new” condition
  • Reliability upgrades
  • Performance upgrades

For upgrades and remanufacturing programmes, especially for older equipment where unit performance is unverified, we commonly undertake baseline cooling and/or heating performance testing along with airflow testing in our in-house purpose built climatic test chamber. This includes the facility to incorporate mock-up ducting to mimic the airflow distribution system within the final passenger car or locomotive driver’s cab design. This test process is then repeated on completion of the first article unit upgrade or remanufacture to validate the final performance of the unit prior to completing the series upgrade or remanufacturing programme.

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