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Whether it is for a brand new locomotive or passenger train design or to replace obsolete or aging equipment, Noske Rail will design, develop, test, qualify and manufacture new HVAC or refrigeration equipment to suit.

A particular strength of our new build programme is the ability to incorporate standard modules into custom-built equipment. This enables us to provide bespoke equipment that fits our customers’ passenger car or locomotive driver’s cab while still taking advantage of experience from designing equipment proven in service

Products we supply include:

  • Rooftop and underfloor air-conditioning units

  • Split air-conditioning systems

  • Ventilation fans
  • Water coolers
  • Refrigeration units

Design is undertaken by our in-house team that includes all disciplines required, including refrigeration, electrical and mechanical design along with CAD drafting and production engineering. First article testing includes cooling and/or heating performance testing along with airflow testing in our in-house purpose built climatic test chamber. This includes the facility to incorporate mock-up ducting to mimic the airflow distribution system within the final passenger car or locomotive driver’s cab design.

Environmental qualification, including shock, vibration and EMI/EMC testing is undertaken by a third-party independent laboratory familiar with our equipment and the various international test standards utilised by us and our various customers.

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